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Ranks List

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Defense Intelligence Agency!
Rank List​

Below is the official rank list for DIA. Ranks can be bought from a 2iC+. These are not refundable.

| Standard Division |
| 5m Payment |
| Cannot Promote |
Trained Agent
Agent I
Agent II
Agent III
Head Agent
Officer I
Officer II
Officer III
Head Officer

| Intelligence Division |
| 10m Payment |
| Cannot Promote |
Intel Initiate
Intel Worker I
Intel Worker II
Intel Worker III
Head Intel Worker
Intel Informer I
Intel Informer II
Intel Informer III
Head Intel Informer

When a worker gets promoted from Head Intel Informer, they get a choice whether to go into the Security Division (controlling Security) or the Training Division (controlling Training). While both have same pay, if one is apart of one division, it cannot go into the other division's workstation until they are promoted to Elite Division.

| Security Division |
| 15m Payment |
| Cannot Promote |
Security in Training
Security Agent I
Security Agent II
Security Agent III
Security Head Agent
Security Controller I
Security Controller II
Security Controller III
Security Head Controller

| Training Division |
| 15m Payment |
| Cannot Promote |
Trainee in Training
Trainer I
Trainer II
Trainer III
Head Trainer
Trainer Controller I
Trainer Controller II
Trainer Controller III
​Trainer Head Controller

| Elite Division |
| 20m Payment |
| Can Promote to Standard Division |
Elite Initiate
Elite Agent I
Elite Agent II
Elite Agent III
Head Elite Agent
Elite Officer I
Elite Officer II
Elite Officer III
Head Elite Officer

​| High Rank Division |
| 25m Payment |
| Can Promote to Intelligence Division |
Trial High Rank
HQ Manager
HQ Support
HQ Senior Support
HQ Specialist
Intelligence Manager
Training Manager
Court Manager
Senior Manager
Head Manager
Senior Head Manager
​HQ Commander

​​| Director Division |
| 30m Payment |
| Can Promote to Security/Training Division |
Trial Director
Director of Agents
Director of Security
Director of Elite Division
Director of HR
Director of Law
Director of Intelligence
Key Director
Deputy Head Director
​Head Director
| Top Management Division |
| 35m Payment |
| Can Promote to Elite Division |
Top Manager
Senior TM
Head Management
Senior Head Management
Grand Overseer
Head Commissioner
Senior CEO
| Presidential Division |
| 40m Payment |
| Can Promote to Director Division |
Trial Vice President
Vice President
Congress Member
Trial President
Acting President
Approved President
Supreme President
Head President
| Department Management Division |
| 50m Payment |
| Can Promote to Top ManagementDivision |
Department of State
Department of Treasury
Department of Defense
Department of Justice
Department of Education
Department of Veteran Affairs
Department of Recruitment
Department of Security
Department of Training
Department of HR
Department Director
​Head Department Director
| Leadership Division |
| 60m Payment |
| Can Promote to Department Management Division |
Trial Leader
HQ Leader
Functions Leader
Ranks Leader
Discussion Leader
Policy Leader
Communications Leader
Management Leader
Deputy Head Leader
​Head Leader

​​| Trial iC |
Trial iC is a rank you are gvien when you are promoted from Head Leader, transferred from another agency while iC, or possibly demoted from another iC division. Within 5 hours of obtaining the rank, you will be appointed a position in an iC division, depending on your behavior and performace within DIA.
Note; if you hold a Trial iC rank for longer than 5 hours, consult a iC-2iC.

: -
: -
: -
: -
: -
Below are the official iC (in charge/command) ranks. Workers/Members who hold these ranks are the highest of the HQ, and can promote up to the Leadership Division. These workers/members can also fire and strike.
You will be fired from an iC rank if you are inactive for more than 1 week without filling out an LoA.

CM ​​| Cabinet Members | 5iC
| 70m Payment |
Cabinet Member (CM) - GeronimoSilton
Cabinet Secretary (CS)
Senior Cabinet Secretary (SCS)
Cabinet Moderation Member (CMM)
Advanced Cabinet Member (ACM)
Certified Cabinet Member (CCAM)
Coordinator of Cabinet Members (CoCM)
Chief Executive Cabinet Member (CECM)
Deputy Head Cabinet Member (DHCM)
Head Cabinet Member (HCM)

BOD ​​| Board of Directors | 4iC
| 80m Payment |
Director of Low Rank Division (DoLRD) - Ergophobia
​Director of High Rank Division (DoHRD)
Director of Main Staff (DoMS)
Director of Department Management Division (DoDMD)
​Director of Leadership Division (DoLD)
Director of Safety (DoS)
​​Director of Communications (DoC)
Director of Affairs (DoA)
Deputy Director of Board of Directors (DDoBoD)
Director of Board of Directors (DoBoD)

OOA ​​| Office of Administration | 3iC
| 90m Payment |
Office of Administration Member (OoAM)
Office of Administration Policy Advisory (OoAPA)
Office of Administration Special Advisory (OoASP)
Office of Administration Treasurer (OoAT)
Office of Administration Main Staff (OoAMS)
Office of Administration's Finance Support (OoAFS)
Office of Administration Deputy Head Manager (OoADHM)
Office of Administration Head Manager (OoAHM)
Director of Office of Administration (DoOoA)

CoS ​​| Chief of Staff | 2iC
| 100m Payment |
Chief of Staff Member (CoSM)
Main Chief of Staff Member (MCoSM)
President of Chief of Staff (PoCoS) - Tatianah
Director of Chief of Staff (DoCoS) - KiyuYuno
Regulator Affairs of Chief of Staff (RAoCoS)
Head of the Department of Chief of Staff (HoDoCoS)
​Manager of Director of Chief of Staff (MoDoCoS)
Deputy Chief of Staff (DCoS) - iJonathanxD
Chief of Staff (CoS) - Alexander0012

Below are the leaders of DIA. They are to be highly respected. They have access to basically everything within DIA. They are not paid because they are apart of DIA for loyalty, not wealth.

Founders | Foundership | 1iC
Founder Representatives
Head of Founders
Executive Founders - OliverDenzel
Chief Executive Founders
Chief of Founders
Deputy Overlord - Emmidy
​Overlord - Anting

Owners | Ownership | iC
Deputy Owner - M1kuchan, Kian, CoolFunnyJames, LateMe
Executive Owner
Chief Executive Owner - Dylan (Melt)
​Chief of Owners - Hanzgrande
Deputy Head of Ownership - Kim (KKimbap)
Head of Ownership - Josh (NipplesOOSH)
| Founding Team |

Chloe (Chloemagic202)
Hunter (langlmaster)
Jay (Padis)
Zeta (Gastronomaly)


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