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Transfer Script

Post by LateMe on Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:45 pm

Defense Intelligence Agency
Transfer Script

Below is the official transfer script of DIA. Please make sure you are above 2iC before transferring. 3iC or lower transferring without consent will result in a demotion, possible fire.

Welcome to the Defense Intelligence Agency. Would you like to transfer?

* Wait for worker(s) response) *

Q1) What's the full name of your agency and who owns it?
Search the username of the owner (owner:username) and see if they have a valid HQ.
If Worker doesn't give a valid answer, decline.

Q2) Please give me the full link of your agency's website.
Search the link in another tab. If the link does not exist, the rank the worker has in their motto is not valid, or their name is not on the list (if they're iC), then decline the request.

Q3) Why choose DIA out of all the other agencies?
Just a question out of curiosity. Depending on the answer, this may help you in choosing their rank.

Q4) Have you ever gotten fired/demoted in another agency? If so why?
If they have gotten fired from another agency, be cautious of what rank you give them. Same goes for demotion.

Q5) What do you hope to achieve here in DIA?
This may, again, help you with choosing their rank.

If you accept their request:
We have decided to accept your request to transfer.
Please change your motto to:
If worker is iC: [DIA] Trial iC [Yourtag]
If worker is below iC: [DIA] Pending Rank [Yourtag]
Your rank will be chosen within 5 hours. If you haven't been approached, please consult an iC.
Please visit our website at
Welcome to the DIA family!

If you decline their request:
Sorry to say, but we have decided to decline your request under reasoning.
These reasons are [insert reason(s) here]
If you would like, you could start out as a recruit and work your way up.
Sorry once again.


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