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Recruitment Script

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Recruitment Script

Post by LateMe on Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:38 pm

Defense Intelligence Agency
Recruitment Script

Below is the official recruitment training script of DIA
Red = Read Only
Green = Insert
Black = Copy + Paste

Welcome to the Defense Intelligence Agency. My name is [_____] and today I will be your trainer.
Please refrain from moving, unnecessarily talking and going absent during the training process.
This training consists of 3 parts [I Rules , II Commands , III Test].
Are you ready for your training to begin?

* Wait for Recruit(s) response) *

PART I of Training : RULES
Strict compliance of these rules will be observed
Failure to comply will result in strikes, demotion and can possibly get you fired
1. Respect everyone regardless of anything
2. Don’t ask for pay, rights or promotions (You earnthese)
3. Spamming is never allowed within DIA
4. Only let VIPs / those with [DIA] on their motto inside HQ
Check VIP list at the website to verify VIPs
5. Enables are allowed so long as they don't cause disturbance.
6. AFK only in the designated areas. (Snack bar and back seats)
7. No double jobbing & self-promoting.
Are there any questions before we continue?

* Wait for Recruit(s) response) *

When these commands are called, please do what is asked for.
ATT - Stand, wave then say yes sir/maam
(Demonstrate ATT to them)
AE - this is often said after ATT for you to continue what you were doing.
FTF - Fill The Front ; Sit at the front desks and offer people jobs.
You offer them jobs by telling them to change motto to : [DIA] Recruit
BTB - back to Base ; Go back to HQ and work
CTH - clear the hallway
Are there any questions before we continue?

* Wait for Recruit(s) response) *

PART III of Training: TEST
This test will determine if you get the job here in DIA or not.
Please whisper your answers to me and send a test whisper now.
Wave & whisper 'ready' when you opt to begin.
Q1: What does FTF mean & what do you do there?
Q2: What do you do when ATT is called? Please show me now
Q3: How do you offer people jobs?
Q4: Who can you let inside base?
Q5: Give 2 rules of DIA.

0]]If the Recruit(s) have passed with a score of 3 or over:[/b]
Well done! You have completed the test with a score of x/5!
Please put your motto as the following:
5/5: [DIA] Head Agent [Yourtag]
3+/5: [DIA] Trained Agent [Yourtag]
Please regulary check for details (ranks, lists, etc)
Make sure to remember my name, [_____], as you will need it through security.
Otherwise, congratulations! You are now apart of the DIA family!
If the Recruit(s) have failed with a score of 2 or under:
Unfortunately, you have no succeeded in getting a standard score in the training program.
If you would like, you can stay and await the next training program, to see if you can try again.
Otherwise, please feel free to lurk around and make friends in the lobby.


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